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postheadericon Antique fireplace for a romantic bathroom

The bathroom can be the most personal and relaxing room in a home. Just imagine getting back from a long day at work, filling your tub with warm water and some senses pleasing scents, pouring up a glass of your favorite wine and hoping in. What a great way to end the day. But wait, it can get better. By installing a fireplace to spice up the space and taking its design to a new level of elegance. And nothing shouts elegance like a vintage mantelpiece with detail carvings such as Thornhill Galleries’ antique fireplaces made of marble.

Representing a statement of good taste and luxury, these vintage marble mantels are nothing less but architectural works of art. Having one placed inside your master bathroom will allow you to spend relaxing moments in a comfortable and stylish atmosphere, inside your own home.

When it comes to luxury, people seem reluctant to see it appropriate for the restroom, yet by creating a dashing space you can enjoy the quiet of your home. After all, it is here, in the bathroom where you have your alone time, whether you have a spouse, or children. It’s your time away from everyone. And what can be more relaxing than enjoying a quiet bath near the hearth of the fireplace? You may say what you want, but there are few things to top that.

The Thornhill Galleries Antique Marble Fireplaces

With a collection of authentic antique fireplaces and reproduction antique fireplaces, the Thornhill Galleries sell and craft mantels and accessories for the fireplace in different sizes and styles. From Gothic to Victorian, from Baroque to Louis XVI and everything in between, there is one marble vintage fireplace which will gracefully fit inside your bathroom.

Marble is a material highly appreciated from the times of the Roman Empire and before. It represents nobility and luxury therefor, a marble mantelpiece will transform and enhance the interior design aesthetic of any room it is placed within.

White, grey, black, pink or brown, the vintage fireplaces crafted of marble are pieces of art. Their elegance, given by their natural patterns or by their engravings, makes them suitable for modern bathrooms or traditional bathrooms. They are easy to match with ambient of the space and provide a trendy, luxurious aesthetic. A bathroom with an antique fireplace in it is cozy, resting and fashionable, all due to simply placing a hearth inside.

So reshape your restroom. Take it to another level of elegance by installing an antique fireplace within.

Fill in the bathtub, start the fire, pour yourself a glass of wine and taste the ultimate soothing feeling in the comfort of your own home. It’s not magic but it sure is magical.

postheadericon Protect home by installing security door systems

Every house must be protected from external factors. External factors include all that affects the house internally and externally. Some of the external factors include harmful UV rays, rain and changing climatic conditions. These can be prevented by using the best exterior paints and by using other measures. But a house should also be protected against theft. A theft will not only make the person lose money but also breaks the person internally. It can lead to loss of private property, hard earned money and things. To protect a house from all these and to prevent theft from even happening, people should have emergency systems that can alert the neighbors or the thief himself so that he drops the option of stealing from the house and moves somewhere else. This way the house is protected from one big external factor.

Cameras and door systems

One way to protect the house from theft is using hidden cameras. Cameras, alarm systems, door locking systems help to protect the home. This way one can be sure that the home is safe from intrusion. Today, money is very important. Hence people try to invest them in jewels and lock it in their homes instead of bank lockers. These jewels are stolen by thieves easily. Door systems help in preventing this. Today, door systems come with alarms inbuilt in it. This way it is easier for the home owners to predict if there is any illegal intrusion in the home. These alarms also let out beep sounds that alarm the neighbors as well. This will make the intruder drop the plan and move somewhere else. There are also cameras installed outside the houses. These cameras help in crime investigation though they do not prevent crimes.


Unlike cameras, a good door access system, not only helps in preventing the crime from happening but also helps in alarming the neighbors and make people in that area aware of theft. This way the thief cannot rob in that area at all. It is the responsibility of the home owners to take care of their houses by installing a good door access system to stop crime from its root. This way money and property can be saved without any problems or enquiry. People should also be alarmed of theft now and then so that properties can be saved. Government is taking steps to advice landlords to install security cameras and door access systems to protect people. This way people can be sure of their safety.